Kid Ink

Album Wheels Up

Chorus: Kid Ink

Now girl I know exactly where to go
You a pro every time you hit the pole
I love it when you take it to the top
Drop, and stop it right before you hit the floor
Drop, drop
And stop it right before you hit the floor
I love it when you take it to the top
Drop, and stop it right before you hit the floor

Verse 1: Kid Ink

Oh, what oh, tell me how how, tell me how high high you can go oh
Ass like Coco, move that thang slow mo, Alumni bitch, I know you can see the logo
Uh, it’s just me and all my money, ones, tens, twenties, fifty’s, hundoes, see me sitting front row
Now keep moving round like a jump rope, and I’mma keep pouring up shots, Gunsmoke
Gone, take it straight to the ceiling
And pop a couple bottles, fuck a two drink minimum
One named Sugar, and a girl named Cinnamon
Think it’s ’bout that time, red lights, stop signs

Verse 2: Tyga

Uh, bitch be professional come get this money
I just keep it one hundred, they bring my change in twenties
Post it where it’s sunny, sun tan bitches naked on me
Ain’t no cuffing, ain’t no police, just this pole dancer in front me, ay
I love how she fuck in the morning, I love how she look when she on it
Tongue in the air when she moaning and we do it late night like Conan
Rolling, probably half of a pill with some of that molly
Here some Desani, ripping the taste up out of your mouth, now taste my boner
Woman, is your interest into other women?
Would you, like to be a partner in this orgy
Oh no he, didn’t, yes I did, even got your friend in it
Ain’t no shame in my game ya dig, I keep hoes hanging like candy canes, ay

Verse 3: 2 Chainz

Stop drop and pop it, I like it when it’s sloppy
Wet wet, mop it like that vanilla and that chocolate
When she pop it, I pop bands, ball so hard need a marching band
Ball so hard need cheerleaders and I’m hot, summer camp
Tru REALigion up on that, Ralph Lauren underwear
Niggas know that I’m underground, put in over time, now I’m out there
Two chains, I’m turnt up, ride around and I burn one
Ride around my side of town on 22s but I’m on one
Put ya girl up on one, make sure it’s a long one
Up and down and round and round, got one chain and I clone one
Everything is on my run, 2 Chainz, I got tall guns
One on first, one on second, one on third, homerun


Drop, and stop it right before you hit the flow flow flow flow

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