Intro (Harder Than Ever)

Lil Baby

Album Harder Than Ever


Know I’m sayin’?
This that new wave shit, know what I’m sayin’? (ya dig)
Man, this that new wave shit, ya dig? (4 Pockets Full)
Know what I’m sayin’? Watch them eat this one up (know what I’m saying?)
Free the gang


I’m smoking loud this that moonrock
They tryna sue me cause I’m gettin’ paper
I dropped out of school didn’t get no education
My momma, she happy ’cause I finally made it
She living better, her house big as fuck
Buy her a Bentayga Bentley truck
With a AP today, tomorrow switch it up
Honeycomb diamonds VVS’s cuttin’
Standing on stage, I really came from nothing
I took me a break, don’t mean I’m getting rusty
I’m gaining this weight they say I’m getting husky
I stand on front line I’m all about the fuckery
I go where I want, nobody better not fuck with me
Extended the glizzy shoot it til’ it’s empty
I come from the projects jumping over fences
I found me a plug and went and made a killing
I think we in love we should just have some children
Them narcs I been sipping got to have me trippin’
I didn’t come to play I had to reinvent me
I handled my business now I’m worth some millions
Remember the safe deposit box was empty
Them niggas weren’t fucking with me they weren’t friendly
If you weren’t with me then, you ain’t seeing him with me
We like Kanye and K, you like Bobby and Whitney
Real dope boy I ain’t nothing’ like the weirdos
Never seen me putting on the weird clothes
It cost a lil’ more when it’s real gold
We already up keep the field goal
Remember that day that I had lost all that cake
I had to go in the safe
I had to get me a pot and cook that shit up
Had ’em calling me Quay
I had got that shit back in like twenty-some-days
Ain’t no chump change, I’m talkin’ bout’ 500k
I went straight to the lot and went bought me a wraith
Ain’t no more being humble put it in they face
I won’t feed in the drama I’m loving the hate
But one thing for sure, Lil Baby go crazy

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