Lil Xan

Album Xanarchy


What? Ayy
Movin’ Xan n’ dope, ayy, what? (Xanarchy, huh)
Movin’ silent tho’
Yeah, ayy, ah-uhh, haha, fuck it, yah (yuh, brr-brr)
You are now listening to a Bobby Johnson beat
Ayy, ayy, ayy (shout-out Bobby Johnson, bitch)

Verse 1

What? Movin’ silent doe, yeah (huh, what)
Ayy, I ain’t got no hoe (no, what)
Ayy, snakes this silence tho’ (brr, brr, brr)
Ayy, silence on my heater (brr brr, brr)
Yo’ bitch in my two-seater, hah (brr, brr, brr)
Ayy, ayy, yo’ team need’a new leader (ayy, and I’m..)
Ayy, I just poured a four in my two liter (brr, uh, skrrt)
She call me, a daydreamer, what?
Rollin’ in the Bimmer ’bout to beam ’em in the Bimmer, yeah
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Cream soda pour my lean, yeah (what, what, what, what)
It ain’t even a thing, yeah
Carried late, got all these baby things, yeah (pew, pew)
Talk shit, haha, ayy (pew, pew)
Why your girl masturbate to my lyrics? (brr, brr-brr)
Lemme transmit my lingo first, cinco
Ayy, diamonds wind up Finding Nemo
Limousine got the bean
No diamond ring for my t’ing, yeah (pew, pew, pew, pew)
Only for my team, yeah (pew, pew, pew, pew)
No strings attached, ayy, ayy, none of things.. ayy-yah
Got the girls attached
Gold neck, roll in, come to me, ha
Leave it, throw on the roof (ooh-ooh-ooh)
Uh, ayy, drop-top Lexus
Checkin’ out bae on my checklist
Yeah, I’m with the Misfits, big booty, big bitch, hah (brr)
Ayy, big booty, big bitch ayy, yeah (brr)
Big mounds of money, yah
Foul dirty words, rip a J around
Shot fired from the ground, yah
My Bimmer’s lurkin’, talkin’ ’bout some searchin’ (out the boof)
Never lose inertia, yuh, ayy, haha-ayy (out the boof)
Yeah, your bitch, she a virgin yuh-hah, ayy
Ayy, yo’ bitch she a vir…ah..uh (pew-pew, brr, ayy, what)
Another dead president
Smirkin’ you got evidence (ayy)
Now you need new residence, ayy, ayy (what)
Guess what?


Lil Xan fuck yo’ bitch, yeah
Lil Xan, wait, I fuck yo’ bitch
Out the booth
Bitch, I’m out the muthafucking booth, bitch
Bitch, Xanarchy gang, bitch
We out here
Ayy, join the wave, bitch
I wan’ kill myself, bih’

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