Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu


Album Bobby Tarantino




Feeling all this shit
And yes I know that when I’m low
There’s so much further I can go
And so I look up to the sky
Oh my, oh my


(Oh my, oh my) Oh my, oh my
(Oh my, oh my) Oh my, oh my
(Oh my, oh my) Oh my, oh my
(I said oh)


I feel the Aryan in my blood, it’s scarier than a Blood
Been looking for holy water now I’m prayin’ for a flood
Feel like time passing me by, slower than a slug
While this feelin’ inside of my body’s seepin’ like a drug
Will you hug me, rub me on the back like a child
Tell me you love me, need me
Promise me you’ll never leave
Even though my daddy you know he


Wait a minute, is that—?
Ayy, who’s playin’ that? You playin’ that?
6ix you can’t be playin’ that, that’s the album shit dawg!

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