Brush ‘Em Off

Meek Mill

Album Flamers 2: Hottest in tha City

Verse 1: Meek Mill

Let me brush my shoulders off
Shiny patent leather Pradas looking like a bowling ball
Diamonds on my neck and wrist haters like he showing off
Cause I be shitting on these nigga all around and overall
Back up on my old shit bout to make it cold for y’all
I scoop your bitch up and her friend like I just want fuck both of y’all
Kilo fresh how you want it sofa soft
Cause I get it to you fast hold up let me phone a call
Meek Milly with the dealy how you feelin
I say I feel like a million when I step up in the building
My neck tell you that I’m chilling my wrist say that I’m ok
I be stunting when I come in I don’t dance no not way
I say we bottle pop hurricane that Chris like hey bae bae
Let the models watch we fuck with that white like KKK
Steal your bitch right in your face and then like Mike I fade away
So tell them lames stay out my way before I fuck up their whole day
Mind in my business getting mine is my business
I get way more off of rapping than you making off of trapping
First I come home I was rapping then I signed for thirty stacks
And all this funny shit I’m hearing got me dying from the laughter

Verse 2: Oschino

They hate to see me eating right cause they fucking pockets low
White Benz black rims shit look like a domino
Riding slow bucket low ya you see me blingin’ hard
Cleaner than a boarded house diamonds like a deck of cards
Searching shit like wrecking balls when we step up in the place
Lot of money lot of mace lot of chicken lot of cakes
We balling at the bar, we at the bar ’til it’s out of drinks
No we ain’t got no job ya but we got that white
What you think what we do, birds not the


Murder who murder you the mac keep shells like a turtle do
Niggas mad cause I’m eating niggas mad cause I’m eating
What they make in one year nigga make in one weekend
Fucking with the Puertoricans
Julio, Javier, to get me mean fish, mean fish shit that piranhas fear
Why you think my diamonds here
Getting money my career
Nigga pop fly, wet that nigga like he diving gear

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