Flamers 2.5 Freestyle

Meek Mill

Album Flamers 2.5: The Preview

Verse 1: Meek Mill

Nigga is you hating cause you mad, are you mad cause you hating
Cause you staying on them days I ain’t waiting for debating
I’m just getting to that money
I’m just getting to that mula
Everywhere you see me at I keep a shooter on
Mr. fuckingniggasbitches back
I be on some shit in fact


like Reynolds Wrap
‘Bout to put some duces on it like I’m playing


And I could hit the mall and tell them give me that
Give me those, Pradas on my tippie toes
Different color hippie clothes
Gucci by the catalog
Want I’mma grab it off
Even let my bitch stunt
Gucci hat sandles on
Even got the bag for that
Switch the flow matter fact
Hold up when I roll up
Got them haters like you know what
He ain’t stunting he just fronting
I’m like man that ain’t ’bout nothing
Got that Flamers on the way 3
Movie deal coming I’m about to be a millionaire
Only still a youngin I ain’t even 25 yet
And I’m a fucking bomb threat
Niggas ain’t no contest
Forty-five compact, with the extender
Number on contneder
Hollow heads chop a hater down like timber

Verse 2: Mike Knox

Catch me in the cranberry Camero, racing down the boulevard
Cash stay in my pocket I don’t do the black card
I ball chicks and bag them, I don’t


at all
I drop a bird in the street and make it do a somersault
North Philly Mike Knox Meek Milly
Getting so much money that these haters want to kill me
Gucci’s all cinnamon
Watch like a gentleman
Who that in my passenger seat, oh that’s my lady friend
I only do 8 or 10’s, 7 when I’m on my dick
Me and Prada got her, baby girl got body


Then I send her back to the lobby, pimping is just a hobby
I’m limping cause I’m a G and my is so green
The stripper just can’t believe, I’m throwing it in the air
Its everywhere like leaves the Rosé on me
Inside we thirty deep, too much for the VIP
My bracelet all


my hands stay in her weave
Slow it down she begging me don’t leave
I’m going just like the breeze
Aye Meek you know what I mean

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