Flamers 2 Freestyle

Meek Mill

Album Flamers 2: Hottest in tha City

Verse 1: Meek Mill

I said you be where the lames be I be where it’s popping at
Money, cars, clothes, and hoes yea I get a lot of that
Haters talkin’ dirty bout’ the kid we ain’t buying
40 oughta clean em up, soak em like a laundromat
Bitches throw the pussy trynna fuck me, where the condom at?
See I’m zeeming trynna keep my semen I ain’t down with that
Lil’ bitches crazy they wanna have my baby
Cause bank account Ben Franklin out maybe
My president is black, my Glock is too
Ad I probably put a lock on a block near you
I say my niggas get the drop, they gone drop air you
I was never scared of what, what you heard fear who?
I can see with clear view you fuck boys is pussy
And I be on my chill but all you gotta do it push me
And my goons be wishin’ for me get a nigga buried
I just give the word and push yo shit back like preliminary
Cemetery bitch you worry fuck you like the bitch you married
Nigga you ain’t heard I’m bout word like a dictionary shit
You spit is fictionally
I’m so trilla swingin’ through the jungle like gorilla
Banana clip peeler
Niggas sleepin’ on you cause you softer then a pillow
Cold pussy talkin’ reckless like a killer and em this all for the bitches
Hallows for the snitches we don’t play with revolvers
Play with choppas with extenders
I’m a boss I tell that ho to drop and get the business

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