Gimme More (Outro)

Meek Mill

Album Flamers 3: The Wait Is Over

Intro: DJ Drama

Matter fact let me say it one more time
And like that we gone
No really, like we really gone
Like gone like we too high for your niggas

Verse 1: Young Steff

I’m fresh, step up in the spot no jewels v-neck
I stayed like MJ we the best
They want to play chess so I put them in check
I worked that’s just how I got here
I’m a young boss I worked for this spot here
But enough of that stuff, girl let’s crank this bitch up

Hook: Young Steff

I got it, baby we could fly away to the tropics
You want it so quit stalling
Cause if I get the goodies you gon’ sing to me
Gimme more (gimme more), gimme more (gimme that) (x4)

Verse 2: Meek Mill

Gimme that uh-huh gimme that
When she ride me I tell her to hit me that
She ran it from me I snatch it like gimme back
And once I body like Tyson its gon’ be a


Baby I’m the boss, them boys they work for me
And me I work for you, you get the work to me
If it works for you, you know it works for me
Just name it and I’mma cop
Baby now what’s the topic

Verse 3: Young Steff

Hold up I’m not done yet
My whole clique here got all of these chicks wet
Cause the ride switch gears speed up like a get
She all up in my


my girl ’bout to be my ex

Verse 4: Meek Mill

I’m like baby gimme more of that
She like give me some of that, shawty gimme all of that
Ball that, hubby call her phone and she like call back
Sit her in my spaceship and take her where the stars at
I show her stuff that she ain’t ever seen
Cause I’m forever clean, give her my medicine
He said he balling I could put you on another team
Make you my star player (and we taking off later)


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