Indian Bounce

Meek Mill

Album Mr. Philadelphia

Verse 1: Meek Mill

Ok, I be on that money though
Balling like K Durant, I hit you that thunder ho
Lightning Breitling on my wrist
My necklace it look sunny though
I’ma kill these rappers till they say Meek I don’t want no more
I ain’t gotta say I’m back, I was never frontin’ though
Rappers thought they fucking with me, bottom line like underscore
Everything I do is hot, I give em that summer flow
All year around hit the stage, tear it down, hit me now, hear me now
Clearly pal, this Philly in its flesh
I ain’t never get a tat but I got Philly on my back
I put castle in my back, I put Gillie on that track
And bring that real shit to the front, all that dissing to the back
Hold up, hundred thousand mixtape sold, facts
I got it from Jahlil that the same place I get my tracks
I’m slammin for my city, he put Chester on that map
I take em everywhere I go, I keep em closer than my strap
Ok, we be making hits, and you be wastin’ time
Cause everything we put out go up like Kobe from the line
They told me I keep goin’ and keep flowin’ I’ma shine
And then they calling us the dream team, Kobe and LeBron
Is that your girl, I’m a g, what I rep, M-O-B
If he say he fuckin with me, what I say, N-O-T
You know me, I stay fly, I stay fresh, I stay high
Pull up in the Maserati, tap the gas and I say bye {Skiirrt}
They can’t even keep up, and I ain’t even heat up
Wait till I sign my deal and draw my line and we gone sweep up
Beat the beat up, take the streets up, pop famous like a reefer
I’m like an iPhone volume that stop buzzin’ like a beeper
I sneak up, fuck the game up
Talk leds, reel my name up
I done came up, from the same stuff
Run tracks just like a train up
You lame bra, what’s your name son?
Top 5 what I came for
My shit shine like a rainbow, your put that pussy chain up
Look what you niggas made me do, shit shine like baby blue
Pick your favorite rapper, I’ll put me and him on pay per view
We get busting paper too, thanks giving on your artist
They say my barz the craziest, my flow’s just so retarded
Im started now wrap me up
Go hard, no lettin’ up
These cops, wanna lock me down
Haters, wanna wet me up
Praying on my downfall, I know you ain’t gone help me up
I guess I’ll do the ground work, let Tip and Cali set me up
I’m gone nigga
I said I’m gone

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