Meek Mill

Album Mr. Philadelphia

Intro – Meek Mill

Meek Mill and Crack Daddy
The heat is automatic
Somebody tell em

Verse 1 – Peedi Crack

I’m a trooper, and everything I ride’s super
And my producer, that nigga just flew in from the future
And I’m loose off goose, I’m bout to get looser
And you could catch me in Bermuda moving with a shooter
I’m ready, like Freddy, the fetti


And every 13th of January, van kitty city blowing monkey
Keep it funky when my pockets was boney, I was lonely
But now they husky, I’m hearing donkeys only
Thank you, I came through the venue to entertain you
A shame I had to bring the bang in case I got to bang you
It ain’t too many MCs speaking my lingo
I change so frequent that the flow can’t keep a main ho
I can’t fold, Pay 40 acres in Jamaica
Make a lot of noise and take a lot of sedatives
Ain’t nothing greater, haters play the back of the theater
Players take a bow, flavor by the miles (Ring!)

Hook – Meek Mill

I ain’t with that he say she say shit
He say she say she on my dick
Yeah I hear a hater talking but they on my dick
Will shine like the diamonds all on my wrist
Leggo, Leggo, Leggo
I tell them haters
Leggo, Leggo, Leggo
I tell them bitches
Leggo, Leggo, Leggo
I tell them bitches
Leggo, Leggo, Leggo

Verse 2 – Meek Mill

First of all, my flavor on ridiculous
D square kicking it, Benji after Benjamins
And every time I meet em they be sweeter than some cinnamon
Cause they know I’m getting it, so they let me swim in it
I eat your pussy if it smell like water
You can say fuck me but don’t fuck my daughter
I ain’t even got one yet, they putting in an order
Trying to get me to hit it raw so they can child support her
Slaughter, rawer than a coke across the border
SS Camero looking like a transformer
You’ll catch me in it dipping like I’m De la Hoya
Better yet Mayweather, cause I’m way better
And I don’t save cheddar, I blow it like candles on my birthday
Shawty thirsty, she grabbing on it suck it like she tryna hurt me
I call Omelly, we go party on a Thursday

Verse 3 – Young Chris

Hundred thousand dollars worth of diamonds, I be shining
And that nine that I be


fitting fine up in the line
Fresh Ferragamo every time when I recline
Sitting higher while they climbing, I don’t lie when I be rhyming


, 2010 signing
Dropped the fourth quarter, Mike Brown put LeBron in
Nigga where your cash at? Your plastic declining
Fresh check out my dresser, fashion designing
Clean cut, coupe cream guts, slight tint
Austere fruity, the steam up
See me get cracked, hog the scene up
Three franchises like Boston teamed up
Have you seen us?
But this is Philadelph, we did it all
You got to load the hitter soft
She got it in we get it all
We don’t even listen to your whack rap nigga
2010 edition of that ratpack nigga


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