Pledge Allegiance To My Swag

Meek Mill

Album Flamers 2.5: The Preview


I pledge allegiance to my swag
That I be getting money and my bitches be bad, yessir
I pledge allegiance to my swag
That I be getting money and my bitches be bad, yeah
I be shining on em, haters I be shining on em
Haters we shining on em, yeah I be shining on em
Niggas we shining on em, niggas we shining on em
Bitches we shining on em, bitches we shining on em

Verse 1

Money on the kitchen table, boss at the chairs
Talking dollar signs and getting money over here
We getting money over here, how bout you hater?
All my niggas eating that, everybody paid up
I say bail money, check, lawyer money, check
Goons on deck, they all catch wreck
Yessir, that dirty money get you murdered bout it
Nigga I ain’t worried bout it, I know you heard about it
Knick knack pattywhack, buy a bitch a Louis bag
Tell her put that work in there and transport all that through a cat
And bring that money back
I put that bitch in the field like she a running back
Just to make my money stack
Red stripe horses, double G’s Porsches
Make the haters nauseous, hot shit, of course it’s
The boy from the North side, my swagger on fire
Can’t stop killing these niggas like Mike Myers
I go hard, so so hard
Like a motherfucking porno star
Like fuck these bitches, I be on my grind
If it ain’t about no Benjamins, I’m like never mind
I fell in love, bad bitches and dollar signs
Me and Tip, back of the back, I recline
Reminiscing on days that I didn’t have shit
Just to book me for a show that’s gon cost you a half a brick
If I ain’t had that haze, baby know I had that white
The DA want to roof a nigga like a satellite
Cause I was up and trapping, trapping ‘fore I grabbed the mic
And I had the 38 special ‘fore I had the Mike’s
And I was riding on niggas ‘fore I had a bike
I tell a nigga he a bitch like a hermaphrodite
I got bad bitch dollar sign appetite
You kept me on the corner shine like a traffic light
Yeah, on post like a mail box
Cops watch my every move and I don’t even sell rock
Just a couple months ago, I was on the cell block
Me and Peed, Gunna state rolling in the cell lock
Whole hood know I’m flame, they say that I’m hell hot
Drop 50 on you, cops see the semi shell shot
And you gon rat like Splinter
Catch you wrong time, nigga snatch your whole dinner
I was down for the summer, Imma grind the whole winter
By the time the spring fall the wrist be looking like December
Yeah, and that’s colder than a motherfucker
You still rapping dog? You older than a motherfucker


Meek Milly, yeah
We getting money fucking bitches on you haters man
How you living nigga? 215 aPhillyated
Grand Hustle pussy BH, we straight

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