So Many Girls

Meek Mill

Album Flamers 2: Hottest in tha City


There’s so many girls in here
I don’t even know who to chose from
There’s so many girls in here
They look so sexy I don’t know how to chose one
I’m thinking that now it could be I drunk too much Patron
Just a couple shots and I’m thinking it might be on
Now that I’m choosing I chose you
Girl you going to do, club closed let’s go so I can give it to you

Verse 1

Cuties to my left, shorties to my right
Eenie meenie miney mo who coming home tonight
Stack on deck Patron on ice
Tell me what you need I’ll give what you like
So many girls in here that I don’t even know who to chose from I swear
I say I step in the club fly as a lear
Like yo Mel Love you see that little bitch with the red on
Tell her come here

Verse 2

Start with straight shots, then we pop the rose
I step inside they looking at me like they know me
Neck on bling my wrist wear glowing
I turn them on cause I’m balling like I’m Kobe
But I don’t like them boogie I want a hood jawn
Lip gloss popping ass fat Uggs on
With a Gucci bag looking super bad
Them hoes don’t see you when we’re there that’s why they super mad


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