The End (Outro)

Meek Mill

Album Dreamchasers 3

Intro: Meek Mill

Okay, these niggas wanna be sleep
It’s nine in the morning
I ain’t been asleep yet
I though sleep was for billionaires
I think I’m the last of the street niggas left

Verse 1: Meek Mill

When it come to stuntin’, I’m like money man Meech
Brought my city with me and we coming in the fleet
And now I’m getting richer and they don’t want me in the streets
I’m thinking fuck a album sales, we sold a hundred bricks this week
Thousand grams of crack, take it to the table
Bag it all up, take it to the label and tell ’em distribute it
I’m getting cake ridiculous
Rari like a frog, jumping through the traffic, ribbitin’
And they tellin’ me to turn down, they say that I need Ritalin
Ballin’ like I’m Jordan, no assists from Sottie Pippen
In an out the flows, crossing over like I’m dribbling
Running laps round them rappers, tired like Michelin
Started off with Tip and ’em but that wasn’t it for him
Yellow, gold Cuban, diamonds blue like Michigan
Been taught you niggas
That there’s levels and there’s differences
To this lifestyle, the way a real nigga livin’ it
I’m gettin’ it, nigga put yourself in my predicament
If you was gettin’ all of this fucking money
You won’t spend this shit
I be at the dealership, pointing out and picking shit
Just to shake the town up, talking off the Richtor shit
Take ’em to the Clear Port, no Instagram, picture it
Niggas taking pictures for the Instagram, you in the shit
On the jet, fifty for the flight to go to LIV and shit
Spend another thirty on the champ
And never sipped the shit
One million, two million, three million, four
I can have a million dollars knocking at my door
Ridin’ in the passenger, like 2Pac Shakur
Only thing that’s different is this new Glock that roar
Get a rush from the paper, rush from the money
If money talk it’s like you said hush to your money
These broke niggas say I talk too much about the money
That’s what we do it for the love of the money

Outro: Allen Iverson

We’re sitting here, I’m supposed to be the franchise player
And we’re in here talking about practice
Not the game that I go out there and die for
And play every game like it’s my last
Not the game
We talking about practice man
I mean how silly is that?
We talking about practice
What are we talkin’ about?
Practice? We talking about practice man
We talking about practice
We talking about practice
We ain’t talking ’bout the game
We talking about practice, man

Killed my nigga snupe
I’m going hammer on these niggas
Ridin’ thru my city
With my finger on the trigger
(To be Continued)

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