Tony Montana (Freestyle)

Meek Mill

Album Dreamchasers


Got all my niggas in the building with me
Somebody call some pretty bitches through
Motivation, yeah

Verse 1

I pop a perk, I fuck yo bitch
Got you blowin up her phone while she suckin dick
Yellow bone, hella thick
She know I be gettin money like I’m sellin bricks
If you gone tell ’em somethin you should tell ’em this
Every time them people grab me I ain’t tell ’em shit
Not a word, but my government
So they can run my name and I’ll be bailin’ quick
I’m rollin’ round in my town, southside in northbound
Don’t throw your ho in that water, we won’t save the bitch she might drown
I’m gettin money right now, strapped up with that pound
Got a sad song on my hip I swear you dont wanna hear that sound okay
Yellow rollie, yellow bezzle, ooh my money on another level
Yea, and my bitches gettin’ even badder
I’m stackin paper got these haters gettin even madder(you mad?)
Look in they faces, I see they hatin’
Get in they whip they bitches got my CD playin’
Money ain’t a joke, and I ain’t even playin’
I told her to spend the night and I ain’t even stayin’
Them hoes tell me I’m too much, them haters tell me I’m too up
Yea I’m racked out and I’m drooged up
Just 3 deep, we ain’t gooned up
We keep heat, yeah that tool tucked
George Jeff. I done moved up
Spin the block pull that coupe up
Handspring, I put the roof up
I think I’m Tony Montana, ridin’ with the hammer
Niggas on that ape shit, I let ’em eat bananas
Ak-47 picture perfect like a camera
I point it at your homie leave ’em stinking like a pamper
Fuck what you drinkin, fuck what you thinkin
This 40 hit yo homie leave that nigga plankin’
I got a bitch she ride it just like she jamaican
Catch me in MIA, I probably be with Haitians
Yea, ha, catch me in MIA, I probably be with Haitians
BH we in the mothafuckin building uhh
Tony Montana, Tony Montana, nigga –
I nail your bitch, I hit her with the hammer
We out, you already know we in the mothafuckin building Meek Milly
MMG, WB hah

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