XXL Freshman Freestyle: Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

They done fucked up and let Houston, Texas get up in here
They sayin’ I’m a freshman but I spit like I been here
I had to wipe a couple of bitches out to make it clear
Bitch, I’m the teacher, not your mothafuckin’ peer
Don’t compare me to no hoe or try to tell me who I am
If you was so fuckin’ smart, you’d be standin’ where I stand
So I don’t never give a fuck when they be talkin’ ’bout the dumb shit
Even in your best Nikes, bitch, you know I run shit
Goin’ show to show, niggas thought I was on tour
Mama really raised a hustler, ain’t no option to be poor
I got bitches linkin’ up, make ’em all drive the boat
Sent that boy a tongue emoji, that mean let me drive the throat
Niggas wanna knock my head off knowin’ they can’t handle Megan
I am not one of these little bitty bitches that you play with
I got stamina, legs for days, hella cash in the safe
And still won’t let you eat it if I put the pussy in your face, ah

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