Produced by OG Parker
Hook: Quavo

This rap shit changed a nigga life
I’m fucking three hoes in one night
This rap shit changed a nigga life
I asked her do she wanna fuck, she said
“Aight, aight, aight, aight, aight”
This rap shit changed a nigga life
M&Ms, M&Ms counting up hundos, aight

Verse 1: Quavo

I’m livin’ my life, aight
Don’t worry bout me, aight
Got M&Ms on me rubber bands on my Benjamins tight
You took my chain it’s aight
I bet he didn’t get it without a fight
Called the squad and they looking for him, one night
He outta sight
Northside where I came from
Put the buss down rollie Obama on
YRN the label, we on the wire
Commit to the team and I buy you a charm
Secret service Migo uniform blowing up like a nuclear bomb
Got so much gas in the V.I.P. take a trip out to Humboldt to check out my farm
Imma keep it real shout out to the niggas who shot at me
Now I’m strapped up in the field
Migo Gang look like a army
Nat nat now we call ’em bees cause them bitches be swarming
Doing shows overseas take a flight every night then land in the morning

Hook: Quavo
Verse 2: Offset

Plug said he got twenty bricks for me
I’m bout to pull up, aight
I’m bout to catch me a flight in bout 24 hours I be in Dubai
Your bitch and another bitch dyking
I pulled to my mansion they got so excited
Stuffed crust the Backwood and light it
Pacquiao Mayweather my diamonds fighting
When I pull up on yo bitch I might just hop in the Viper
It’s three of the Migos we pass the ho in a cycle
Mama told me that you always gotta go read the Bible
Sippin on a 20 oz, I got 4 zips in the bottom
Rap shit changed me, hating the fact that a nigga is famous
When they take pictures, don’t know that I’m dangerous
I done had a chopper, shot it in anger

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