Days Of The Week


Verse 1: Takeoff

I got a truck load pulling in, dropping off bricks on Monday
My Breitling cost a nigga mortgage, only wear red rubens on a Tuesday
I fuck up the interstate Wednesday
Feds looking for me Thursday
Pound of that crack and I’m smoking I’m smoking, my plug is Big Worm like it’s Friday
Trapper turned rapper, I’m dabbing on camera
Saturday a show in Canada
You know a nigga putting God first
And when I wake up in the morning got to go to church
Now all my hard work get paid off
Got bout’ fifty mansions, 20 lofts
Double Maybach but no Ricky Ross
Niggas copying Cubans links but they really flawed
Nigga used to up in the bottom but now I’m at the top


I’m beating the block
I can take a trip Brazil, no passport
I bought the bitch an Aston Martin, she ain’t asked for it
Free my nigga jammed up, man I pray for him
Shout out my niggas that be running from the Task Force
12 kicking in the door, better go for it
Usain Bolt, nigga better run for it

Verse 2: Offset

These bitches fucking on a young rich nigga, of course
Licking all on my chestnuts, no Morris
Counting all of this money, got a nigga bored
Call a bitch Dora, she tryna explore
I got a lot of M&M’s, nigga that’s plural
You niggas wanna be a Migo, give a nigga a tutorial
Bald head jab, looking like it’s Morpheus
Running from the tab, trafficking in the opium
Thumb through it, young nigga
Thumb through it, young nigga
Don’t forget where you come, you used to be a bum nigga
You a sideline cheerleader, pom pom nigga
Talking ’bout you seen it all, then what the fuck you done, nigga?
I did been arrested, a felon, a failure
We run up in your house, we sell the gold, and then we sailing
Everything went great, until a nigga caught a case
I never been to prison, God told me don’t make mistakes
We were broker than a motherfucker, son had to shake
I didn’t want a fucking job, ’cause your grad used to rake
When it’s late, mask on my face, 9 on my waist
If a nigga broke, I beat him with a pistol, Anime

Verse 3: Mango Foo

Offset he gone’ beat him with a pistol, Anime
Mango the Foo, I’ll beat the nigga, Jason face
I was gon’ for a minute ’cause a nigga caught a case
Now, I’m finna get M&M’S, don’t call me Dr. Dre
All of my niggas, we kicking doors for a long time
We been trapping 20 years, still broke wrong grind
Migo Gang is the family, we working at there like the phone line
Trappin’ and cappin’, shoot up the spot like Columbine
Rappin’ and trappin’, my niggas living in a mansion
Pull out the camera, my niggas all about the action
The way that we punking, these niggas thinking we were Ashton
Pull out the .44 on a pussy nigga, the magnum
Riding around the city, presidential, it’s a Phantom
My plug playing with the white girl, Dakota Fanning
The AR Chopper bullet hit him like Steve Manning
Flipping these niggas like you trying out for gymnastics
I got these bricks in the fender, I might get charged with a trafficking
Mango the Foo, bitch I be fresher than a mannequin
I’m all in Peru, but how my plug is an Italian
Safari Giuseppe, it got me walking like an African

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