Slam Dunk


Hook: Offset

Slam dunk
We crossed over then we slam dunk
Michael Jordan six rings
Make me slam dunk
Dirk Nowitzki with the chickens
I’m a slam dunk
Hit him with the pump
I call that bitch a slam dunk
Slam dunk (x7)

Verse 1: Offset

Dunk on you niggas like Kendrick Perkins
Six birds in the trunk call it Julius Erving
300 my niggas like the romans
Smoking the strongest, smelling aroma
Beat up a nigga put him in a coma
You know that we number 1 ain’t no opponent
Dirk Nowitzki make a nigga fall back
I gave you the pack and you don’t get it back
I’m dunkin’, I’m dumping
You hide in the bushes you runnin’
You say that you gangsta fuck nigga
You frontin’ (Alley oop)


Dominique Wilkins I’m dunkin’
Crossover the plug like I’m Chris Paul
And I ball hard pass her to my dawg
I’m a massacre with the revolver
Play with the migo we kidnap your daughter

Verse 2: Quavo

Slam dunk and brick like deandre
3000 pound like I’m andre
Pull up on you, you in LA
If your not talking money for, what you say
Hit a nigga with the throwaway
When I step out bed I hop out with K’s
I catch a nigga postin’ in the city
When I throw the alley, ooh they gonna get it
Your is bitch too friendly, I know she with it
When I pull up on her put it in her kitty
Played that bit like I was Steve Nash
Since a young nigga I was chasing cash
Prescription lean came from Dr Phil
Hit a nigga in a crowd, Jermaine O’neal


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