We Ready (Remix)


Album Young Rich Niggas

[Intro: Soulja Boy + (Migos)]
(Free Offset)
We ready, we ready
Rich Gang, Soulja Boy, turn up, Soulja

Hook 1: Soulja Boy

S-o-u-l-j-a b-o-y t-e-l-l-e-m we ready, we ready
She wanna lick the molly off of me
Nigga I be stuntin so hard, it’s no see me nigga
S-o-u-l-j-a b-o-y t-e-l-l-e-m we ready
We ready, We ready
S-o-u-l-j-a b we ready, we ready, we ready
S-o-u-l-j-a B

Verse 1: Soulja Boy

She say she wanna lick the molly off of me
I pull up in a what you call it
Drop top cost $240
All the bad bitches on me, nigga get em off me
I be flexin in that new rarri
So much ice on my neck I don’t say sorry
You can see me from a mile away
Young Dre keep a tec and a throw away
Hey bro, ain’t that right or what’s his name
Hit the block in that fire flame
Lil Dre getting guap, confetti
SODMG Rich Gang

Hook 2: Soulja Boy

Bitch, we ready, we ready, we ready
S-o-u-l-j-a, bitch we ready, we ready, we ready, we ready
Bitch we ready

Verse 2: Quavo

M-I-G-O G-A-N-G E-N-T, Young Rich Nigga, we ready
I’m spraying the Glock like confetti
The bullets they humming they let it, my pockets are fat its on lettuce, she said it
Pull up in that Oakland Raider Drop Audi
Then I poof be gone like Houdini driving
Thats the plug, drop the bricks, circumcise ’em
Then I hit the pot with the pile driver

Hook 2


Verse 3: Takeoff

Young Rich Nigga, I call the plug, I’m finessing
I’m strapped up with the smith and wesson, I’m taking yo blessings
Smoking a Michael Vick 7, preach to these niggas like reverends
No Jason and Freddy, I keep the Machete
I’m taking a trip to Quebec to go pick up that check
Nigga no UPS but he mail it, wrap that bitch up and I scale it
Stand on the block and i sale it, selling more dope than them niggas in Belly
The niggas after me, I’m makaveli
She popping the molly, she rollin’ like kelly, she sweating
She can’t stop touching and talking and feeling on me
All this jewelry on me, it’s kinda hard to see
Migo Gang Ent!

Hook 2

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