The Best

Nipsey Hussle

Album Bullets Ain't Got No Names Vol. 3


Cookin’ Soul’
Uh, uh
It’s Hussle
It’s Hussle, yeah
Where we left off on volume 2, I’ma pick you back up on volume 3
You know, uh
You gotta get up and go make this shit happen, my nigga
I told you
Every day my shit get bigger and better, my nigga
I was just in the county jail, nigga
No bail, nigga
Look, look


That I would be the best rapper, yeah, I knew it then
Used to tell my mama ’bout the houses we’ll be movin’ in
‘Cause fast money took my focus off this music shit
‘Til Johnny Shines introduced me to his Jewish friend
Damn, before you ball, gotta grind first
‘Cause the Palazzo’s a far cry from Brynhurst
Them niggas never really figured that it might work
I had faith, gave my life, now my life’s worth
So much more than money’s ever meant
I’m gettin’ love in every city you ain’t never been
The Sheriff told me roll it up, was focused ever since
Dreams come true, young nigga, I’m the evidence
That’s only if you put the effort in
Some of ’em gon’ die, others’ll get life in the pen
Now, just sit with that and let it sink in
Now get your money up and make sure you ain’t one of them

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