PnB Rock

Album RNB3

Verse 1

Lately I been on my fuckin’ shit
It’s no competition who fuckin’ with me
This rap shit, I run it, I’m blowin’ this money
These fifties and hunnids ain’t nothin’ to me
I want the royalty, I want the loyalty
Puttin’ up money for lawyer fees
‘Cause I know me, man, I got a bad temper
Put one these rap niggas right in a blender
PnB: I’m who they’ll always remember
‘Cause I be killin’ shit, I spit that realest shit
‘Cause I done did this shit, I’m on that different shit
Copyright all my shit, these niggas stealing shit
I been feelin’ like 2Pac and shit
All eyes on me, yeah they watchin’ shit
Study my moves, tryna see what I know
Like, “How the fuck he get so poppin’ quick?”
Got a lot of shit that’s on my mind
Got a lot of shit that’s on my plate
Gotta feed the fam, gotta feed the hood
So I’m up and down that interstate
Doing shows, havin’ different meetings
In the studio, I been barely sleepin’
Smokin’ all this dope, I been barely eatin’
In a different city every fuckin’ weekend

Verse 2

I’m your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper
I go in the booth and make it happen
It’s amazing how this shit just happens
Finesse the track without no fuckin’ practice
Lately I get in the booth and I cook up a hit
I’m rollin’, I really can’t miss
These bitches, they all on my dick ’cause they know that I’m ’bout to be rich
I’m ’bout to be rich (’bout to be rich, hey)
Blowin’ money on stupid shit
Me and my niggas strapped up in the rag top
But we all on that ruthless shit
Bitches, I’m pickin’ and choosin’ shit
I’m hittin’ bitches in twos and shit
I swear my life on some movie shit
‘Bout to call Chop up to shoot this shit, damn


Hey Chop, get the mo’fuckin’ camera ready, nigga. Let’s make a mo’fuckin’ movie, nigga. Movie time. Where my dope at nigga? I might get high, let’s do this shit

Verse 3

Cash rules everything around me
So you know I keep that thing around me
Real niggas, yeah, they stay around me
Fuck niggas, stay the fuck from ’round me
Hey, I’m ’bout to go to Miami
Hey, cop a new lay for the Grammys
Hey, I’m cashin’ out with my family
Hey, fuck you, you ain’t with the family
When I come through, better cuff your bitch
‘Cause I’m the type of nigga that’ll fuck your bitch
Sing to the pussy, do my thing to the pussy
And we can get into some other shit
Got guns, got clips, you ain’t duckin’ shit
This for all the pussy niggas on that selfish shit
Goddamn lil’ homie, why you love the bitch?
You gon’ die for the pussy? Well, fuck it then
Shot got the MAC with the rubber grip
That mean it ain’t no more rumblin’
He gon’ come through and start cuttin’ shit
Plus we got Kev in the cut and shit

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