Free Da Real

PnB Rock

Album RNB2

Yea(x2) oh yea , my nigga , miss my nigga
Upstate with my dawg walk in the yard
We was smoking on kite
Just got my green shit I’m on my way home
I’m thinking like damn cause my niggas got life Nothing I can say that’s gonna make it feel right
Y’all don’t understand me and bro we was tight
Same Jail , Couple Years , Different Case Different Bed
Shit we use to eat chi chi every other night
He was my spacebar , every tournament
Putting Macs on on like we was born to win
Playing chess to catch a wreck we going in
Jail ways death boys and they grown men
But I’m home now & he ain’t neva coming home
& every other month it’s a letter coming home
Like Rock when I hear you on top
It’s gone fuck they head up when they find out when I’m coming home
(Woop) mane that shit hurt my heart
Cause I know he forreal
Waiting on that appeal
He was only 18 they gave my nigga will
He ain’t gone get to live to see a green sheet
He ain’t gone make it back out to the streets
But the crazy part about it , he ain’t gonna get to hear this CD
Shit fucked up nigga
System real fucked up niggaa
On some real shit I
If I rule the world you know you would be out here monster nigga
Fucking these hoes & rocking these shows
Getting this money you already know
Driving these foreigns& smoking this dope
Free my nigga I wish he can come home damn
(But how we gone forget about you )
( when you was one of the realest niggas)
(All the time we miss you nigga )
(It’s fucked up the life they gave to you nigga)

Free my niggas
Free the whole upstate

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