Intro (RnB)

PnB Rock

Album RNB (Real Nigga Bangaz)


I grew up without my dad
Cause he got killed by my brother’s mom
Word on the street is that she stabbed him a couple times
Found out that he had another girl pregnant
Tryna let it go but but her pride wouldn’t let it
Thoughts saying murder so she picked up a weapon
Knife to the chest, now there’s no more Fredrick, damn
Was too young to even be sad though
Everything was all cool cause I had more
He was more than an uncle, he was more like a brother
Matter of fact he was more like my dad though
Took part of my soul when they killed him
Seven twelve oh-seven shit got real
One shot to the chest can’t be real
To this day man y’all don’t know how I feel
Still wanna call your phone
But I know that you won’t answer, I feel all alone
Streets raised me, mom did what she could
Tryna raise five bad boys in the hood
By the age of thirteen nigga I was smoking weed
Got my hands on a gun same day I caught a jug
Kicked out the crib mom’s tired of the cops knocking
Dropped out of high school, said fuck college
Just a young nigga out here with no guidance
Skinny nigga that was never scared of nobody
I caught a juvenile case, yeah they sat me down
Couple months in Arizona now I’m back around
Fuck no, no lessons learned
I came home thinkin’ it’s my turn
On probation still catching cases
Still smoking weed, now I’m on the run
While later, man I ran into some money
Lord knows couldn’t tell me nothin’
I’m for real when they copped




jewelry me and mean, we was stuntin’
But you know that ain’t last long
Like I said I was on the run
Nigga caught another case and they sent me upstate
Hard time, wasn’t nothin’ fun
Whole time I was up there snappin’
No friends, no fam, what happened
No mail, no texts got a nigga catchin’ wreck in the mountains
I was up there stressin’
Writin’ songs made the time go by
‘Till my celly said Rock you hot
I’m for real, you can probably get a deal
Matter fact let’s take it to the yard outside
I spit a verse and sung a hook and they said bring it back
Young boy, you got that work, you really in your bag
Came home and I’m fucking up the game now
Niggas mad cause I rap and sing now
Hell yeah I done made my own lane now
Watch this RnB shit be flames now
Watch this RnB shit be flames now

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