Intro (RNB2)

PnB Rock

Album RNB2


Oh yeah
Oh yeah
RnB 2, wooh


Really this is all of me (Hey)
Nigga this is RnB (Hoo)
I do this shit for the streets
‘Cause without them there is no me

Verse 1

I ain’t nothing like these rappers
I’m a motherfuckin’ trapper
I be really O-T
Selling crack to them crackers (Hey)
And them old niggas too (Woo)
They love when I come through (Woo)
I sell 1, it go for 2 (Woo)
Ask about me what I do (Woo)
Nigga I be really in the mix (Mix)
I done probably fucked your bitch
When you see me better tuck yo’ shit
Pussy I’ll take yo’ shit
Niggas think just ’cause I sing
I won’t fuckin’ let it ring
Its one time for PnB, it’s the motherfuckin’ gang
We a bunch of young hittas
I’d ride for my niggas
I put that shit on my mom
I’d die for my niggas
Can’t wait till they free my brother Meen (Free that nigga Meen)
‘Cause we gone fuck up the game
Not only do he rap, he sing (Bang)
And just like me he let it bang, bang, bang bang
2015 he max out, damn nigga that’s 5 years
When that fuckin’ day come
I’ma fuck around and cry tears
Fuckin’ right I miss my nigga (Woo)
Everyday i was with my nigga (Woo)
Jail split apart when we link back up
We gone be rich my nigga (Woo)
Till then I’m getting trap money (Trap)
Just learnin’ how to stack money (Stack)
Anybody that want me on a track
Tell ’em bring some racks for me (Some racks)
You don’t got it then don’t ask for me
Time is money hell yeah that’s true (Woo)
Time is money hell yea that’s true
Nigga this that RnB 2


Oh yeah
Time is money hell yea that’s true
Nigga this that RnB 2
Woo, uh

Verse 2

Lately I been winning tho
I been hitting different hoes
I ain’t really gotta pay for shit
‘Cause now designers give me clothes (Woo)
I got rappers sick of me
‘Cause the way im switching flows (Woo)
Off one hook I go to Neimans like give me that give me those
Shot out to my momma tho’
She just got through surgery
I know shit is fucked up
Lately she ain’t heard from me (Woo)
She don’t understand
I’m trynna put her where she ‘sposed to be (Woo)
Get us all out the hood
For she have to bury me
Shit is gettin’ realer now (Real)
My daughter gettin’ bigger now (Real)
Most the time I’m on the road
I’m wishing I was wit’ her now (For real)
Thinking about my old bitch
I know that bitch see me now (Woo)
But all of these new bitches helpin me forget her now
Man I swear I can’t wait till we get rich
‘Til all of my niggas pull up in some shit (Woo)
And all of my folks got money in different bank accounts
For them and all of their kids
I cannot lie in the booth
I swear I’m telling the truth
This my story to you
This is that RnB 2
(Oh yeah)

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