You Dont Have To Ask

PnB Rock

Album RNB2

Intro: Sampled

Oh yea, Oh yea, shawty
Ooh, come here


Aye shawty you so bad
Im saying you should know that
Wit yo pretty little face, your pretty long hair
And yo butt girl its so fat

Verse 1

Im just saying you should give your number
Can I call, can I text you all summer We would have some pretty kids im just saying real stuff
Thinkin bout how you should be my shawty ooh
Baby you kno
I seen alot of girls but im feeling you tho
Couple dates then im taking you home
If you ain’t kno then baby imma make you my own
Tell , tell tell me how that sound
You messin wit a real one now
Ill do anything to make you smile
Girl your ex be trippin he was playin round


And ain’t since you got a man cuz I dont care
I looked on yo finger I see no ring there
Plus if you got a man then you shouldn’t be walking, hopin on a , taxi, or a train, yea
Ain’t no disrespect
But this bout me and you so we ain’t gon get into that
Girl now tell me whats yo name
Put yo number in my Iphone
Dont have a good day and wait for my text


Yu, you so bad
Girl you kno I love your swag
The way them girls be matching yo bag
Anything you want girl you can have
Baby you dont even have to ask
You dont even have to ask
No, I dont care about the price tag
Anything you want girl you can have
Baby you dont even have to ask
Baby you dont even have to ask
Have to
Shawty you dont even have to ask, at all
Oh yea, Pnb

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