Verse 1

Where should I start? Or where should I go?
To every motherfucker who only saw my past job
Was a monitor for less than a year, 4 days a month
My real job was selling paintings, to build where I record
I ain’t a novice, you might see me as new in you lane
Just ‘cuz I had no exposure don’t mean I can’t son the game
Shoutout to SEB who started the fire cuz it’s really real
The papers gon’ ignore your existence, less you got a deal
Yeah, yeah I already said it, fuck they didn’t believe my vision
Let me tell you more ‘bout my trip, tho you won’t get every pieces
So.. why you rapping in English? I started when I was 14
I had to hide from my parents that I sang and began writing
Cuz it is all about the studies, music is buffooneries
They did many sacrifices from Algeria to Paris
I did try to write in French, my BIC was freezing
Wanted to.. Rap out loud… But didn’t want to share it
So I wrote it in a language they didn’t know
My thoughts, my emotions, joys and troubles undercov’
My early bars were shit, but for my friends I was like Hov’
So I gradually took it seriously, and had bigger goals yet..
..Needed to improve myself, my weakness had to be strength
Made a choice they didn’t fuck with, went to college for my verses
Studied the English language and literature for 3 years
From Shakespeare to Hemingway, but it wasn’t for the B.A
Aside of that I had no dineros
Only my devotion and faith for what I had to show
I spent my whole scholarship on stuff for the studio
Always buying second-hand, the grid of my mic is still broke
But I learned to take the less and made better than the most
4 a.m. for a preamp, in his Saxo baba drove
Me To Paris, it was worth it, as I bought it for 4
Hundred dollars less than what the original really cost


(Didn’t even have enough so negotiating on the low, he told me)

Verse 2

Give me my money, money back I’m on a rush man
My bullets going straight they never swoosh man
I was in Paris for that money ‘bout a preamp
Also for a freestyle, but that’s behind me
Now that I had all in my hands
It was ‘bout engineering
Alone with the internet
Had no teacher for that shit
And then I schooled the game up, shut the fuck up
What’s a fancy studio, when you can’t rap
Had no song in advance, nothing was planned
I just spent this whole year double turned in my bedroom, shit
Now it’s ‘bout million dollar deals, still at Mama’s crib
In less than a year, learned the same as if it equaled 10
With knives under my throat, I discovered more than I wished for
You can’t match the grind but you can kiss my…
Ok, ok, it’s cool you spoke about your grind and your struggle
It’s crazy you made it that far, but you forgot ‘bout a puzzle
In every song you’re teasing, talking shit we couldn’t understand
Was It really deeper than that or bullshit you told & pretend, huh?


You should’ve talked about it!

Verse 3

Yes, I’m late and it’s because of this ending
I rewrote it 30 times to finally burn them sheets
Everything was ready, except for my spirit
And as it’s stronger than myself, I ain’t got the guts for it
Last Sunday, it was done, but I messed my week
I was thinking way too much for 5 days I lost sleep
Should I say everything or should I keep hiding?
For my own sanity I surrendered to silence
In some way, I spoke to somebody and learned something
In some way, my addiction about time’s for a reason
In some way, I was supposed to leave but didn’t finish
In some way I was afraid y’all think it’s just madness
In some way, it started when I saw my own being
In some way, I’m hiding elements since 2014
In some way, I’m still preparing for the Grand Final
Now let me give y’all half a clue about the whole puzzle..

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