E Knows




When I’m low
When I’m down
When I dive in the deepness of my mind
Why do I never drown?
I think it’s..
I think that’s why.. oh
He knows, he knows, he knows
He knows, he knows

Verse 1

If there ain’t no struggle, there ain’t no gains
‘Cause there ain’t no victory without pain
He told me failure was good
For peasant I’ll be a king
He told me don’t ever think you know everything
Yeah they rap but don’t think
They talk but don’t speak
Listen and don’t hear
Man, they look but don’t see
Medias avoid me
Afraid as I’m free from their rules
They’re fools, thinking I’m on my knees
Bitch you better know me better
It is now or never ever
I’m nervous know what you’re missing
I’m the question to you answer
‘Fore I’m off I wanna shine
That’s why I ain’t got your time
But you’re sleeping on my shit like
“Who the fuck is this nigga?”
Forgive you ’cause we all wrong
One day you’ll realize what’s on my soul
I’ve been waiting, waiting for so long
Don’t worry right now bro I’m not afraid to wait more
‘Cause I know that he knows

Bridge, from Jil is lucky – The wanderer

Well I’m draggin’ myself
All along the pavement
Up in the sky
There’s someone behind
And he’s guiding my steps
Up and down the life stairs
Helps me thereby
Leaving again

Verse 2

Everybody swears, but how many preaches
Damn look at all them copycats everywhere
That’s contagious
Like everybody stares but nobody watches
That’s why I’m rageous
That’s why I’m speechless
But, still, I know that he ..

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