Intro: Rilès – speech

In spite of all their warnings
I know what I have to do, and I know I have to do it
Because the universe is by my side, and I’m not afraid to get hurt
As I am a punching bag ready to embrace defeat and disappointment
The pain of regret is something I’ll never know
Because while a lot of people are governed by their fears and habits
I, am governed by my heart, and my dreams..

Verse 1

How can he beat the game? How can he spit them flames?
How can he dare go solo? nah, man he’s insane..
How can he make them beats? How can he do the mix?
How can he do shit on his own? man, tell me..
Listen, Imma prove they were all wrong
When they told me all these dreams won’t last long
Time is running soon I’ll be dead and gone
So fuck outta here I’d rather walk alone
Yeah, yeah, war ready, better watch your back
Right now, oh, many corny, fakes and wack
Rappers, I’m ’bout to fuck this game no hack
Watch out I’m back, watch out I’m back, back, back..

Verse 2

How can he never quit? How can he be the shit?
How can he do the trick with these weekly classics?
Yes, Imma fuck them all, yes, Imma give’em raw
No, I ain’t got 30 dudes behind my songs
Because I learned everything from scratch
In my bedroom everyday, everynight
I was enclosed while you were having fun
Window shutters I must not see the sun
Until I finished mastering the song
Pro Tools is cracked so this shit takes too long
Ok, I’m done, let’s get back to Reason
Five beats a day for the whole summer long, long, lonnngg


After the darkness will come the sun
Mama don’t worry I got you now
Pendulum still running for my life
Imma prove them, then away I’ll fly
I’ll be the rising sun
I’ll be the clouds and I’ll be the dust
Pendulum finally took me down
But I proved them, now away I fly

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