Christmas Outro

Snoop Dogg

Album Christmas in tha Dogghouse

Yeah, yeah, yeah
What’s crack-a-lackin’
I know y’all been enjoying this CD mane
I had to do it mane
Christmas with Snoop D-O-double-G
I’m gonna shoot this shoutout to everybody that helped me put this CD together
From the rappers, to the engineers, yeah
To the producers on the side, ya dig
I couldn’t have did it without none of y’all mane
It’s crack-a-lackin’ y’all
And in case ya don’t know, ya won’t know
We goin’ online wit’ this right here mane, digital
So uh, get it, get it, get it while it’s good
Uh, Merry Christmas y’all
Get it, get it, get it while it’s good
I guess I’m the black Santa Claus
There it is y’all
So we just gon’ sip on some of this landy
Roll up some of this “Christmas tree”
Tear open some of these gifts
Enjoy some of this food
And these festivities
Yeah, and just keep it crackin’ y’all
God bless you
May he keep you
That’s real talk
We made it
It’s another year y’all
Go hard or go home
Be on the lookout for the Warzone
Hustle Boyz
Yeah, Snoop Dogg
You know how I do it
TV show crack-a-lackin’
Fatherhood, yeah
My team won the Super Bowl, yeah
Promotin’ the Steelers y’all
Haha, that was my gift
I’m ’bout to get on up outta here
I’m finna jump on my sleigh
And slide away
Until we meet again
Peace echo
Yeah, let the music bang
Yeah, just let the music bang right there
Yeah, go ‘head

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