Kendrick’s Outro

Snoop Dogg

Album Bush

Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar

Overlookin’ the skylines
Sky is the limit, tell ’em they can’t disguise my L.A. fitted
Top rhymin’ is Chandon
Bad bitches wavin’ they palm-palms and cheer for me
A cheer for me, got to be a throne-fucker
Black-and-white Chuckers, 501, she blood-suckers
Better know just how the West was won
I’m one step ahead of the game
I bang like two twin Glocks
You either shoot back or run, that’s California tactics
You was pissin’ on your matress
I was playin’ dominoes watchin’ Jordan play ‘Magic’
Actin’ madness, I’m a mad man
Sippin’ Mad Dog, blunt, guts in the trash can
Party on Sunset as soon as the sun set
The sun rise, tell the club owner we ain’t done yet
If I die in my city, bury me a G
My obituary say, ‘Fuck L.A.P.D.’

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