3 Killas

The Game

Album Ghost Unit

Hook – Game

Three killas on the rise
Come through screamin’ homicide when we ride
When we ride
Three killas on the rise
Come through screamin’ homicide when we ride
Nigga, Westside

Verse 1 – Eastwood

Yo, I caught him at the corner liquor store, ran him for his jewels
Told him “give me everything you got, hat to the shoes”
You done show me what it is, now show me what it do
I done jacked a gang of bitch ass niggas like you
My profile suspect I’m wanted for murder
Investigated by the feds on old shit I ain’t heard of
In ’94 they say ya boy was involved in a car jack
That’s when my phone start trippin’, I’m knowin’ my shit tapped
Tryna tell me how I’m livin’ like they BET
Sometimes I feel like there’s a camera in my TV screen
I am the best, ever since my moms left
I ain’t holdin’ my breath, I’m prosecuted to death
It’s Eastwood, I’m as deadly as turpentine
Spittin’ venomous rhymes with more heart then Valentine’s
When we ride

Verse 2 – Game

Life is what you make it sometimes I see blatant
Visions of Satan, I been smokin’ hell of them marijuana vapors
With dreams of gettin’ paper on felonious capers
Run a car for neighbors, bangin’ The Best of Anita Baker
Now is that sacred? When niggas spend money on Jacob’s
And it’s that same shit that get blood spilled on the pavement
I’m patiently waitin’, for God to open heaven’ gates and
I’ll take a knife in my heart before I murder my neighbor
And for that I’m hated, ’cause most of they rhymin’ is basic
Dropped one album and left the whole world stuck in amazement
Started with Rakim, found him in my mom’s basement
One demo tape and I’m on Em and Dr. Dre shit

Verse 3 – Techniec

The ‘hood got me feelin’ like my back against the wall but I been here before
Let me fly or give me death, while I’m in here for dough
My pops used to hustle the corner in Lotto kicks
Attempt to try ’em on, didn’t like that fit
Went after a record deal, shit I got that spit
Besides niggas ain’t flyer than Tech at this shit
I’m a natural nigga, so it’s only right to boss up
After these figures, so classical nigga
Had to document the avenue, study the set
Back to the OG’s, create a new avenue nigga
So we could ride, rims spinnin’ off the chrome
Check the rearview, Wave spittin’ off the dome
Honey, the Westcoast is on


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