All The Way Gone

The Game

Album The R.E.D. Album

[Verse 1 : Game & (Mario)]
(Just me and you girl… Woaaahhhhhh)
She leave her hair in the sink
She leave her hair on the floor
Her hair all over the bed, that make me love her more
She wear a scarf, Louis V to be exact
It’s a wrap, messing up her wrap, blowing out her back
Never let another rap nigga hit it from back or the front
On my mama nigga, I be gone for months
I come back
(And it’s still tight, I like when it’s real tight)
I’mma lick in circles now..
(Tell me what that feel like)
Feels like when you try them red bottoms on
It feels like the song cause we all the way gone..
Between me and you, do anything for old girl
Like hit it in the morning, yeah, Cole World

Hook : Mario

Baby you’re the one
You ain’t gotta hit the club no more
Cause we done did that
Tryna find the one
But you been looking for love in all the wrong places
Every day’s a movie, girl, you make the scene
They gon keep on watching, give em something to see
We gonna be all the way gone
We gonna be all the way gone

Verse 2 : Wale

She call me all the time, I ain’t no regular Joe
I be staying at the Roosevelt more than Marilyn’s ghost
I met some bitches with Chuck, but I was wearing some Foams
Shorty been fly forever, these bitches’ parachutes broke
TC’s is on her person I’m aware that you know
And you know the flow, they jack it, I’m apparently cold, you know
Life’s lemons is bitter, I need another fruit
She know we can’t elope, look at what honey do
Straight G thing, double M G thing
Weed they can’t fuck with, I’m puffin A.C. Green
When I peep in the public, bet I’m leaving with something
And I’m so fly I make some homebodies ?? leave the luggage
Shout out Donny Sublime
Shout out Bobby on Hundreds
Not too many is touching, double M G this summer
The RED album, lil red shortie, you can’t touch her
I know Mario’s on the hook, but I was playing Duck Hunt

Hook : Mario

[Verse 3 : Game & (Mario)]
Yeah, he blowing up your cell phone
Send him the voicemail cause we all the way gone
And you ain’t doing nothing wrong
But killing the competition in that Cosabella thong
Turn to the side, let me see them thighs
Profile, damn I’m digging your style, we can start slow now
Then speed it up, this playing in the background
While I beat it up – I beat it up
(Baby soon as we get home, it won’t take us too long)
(We gon make it to the bedroom, I like the guest room)
(You can pick the next room)
(Put the camera on the tripod, got me playing on your iPod)
(I know you feeling me on my job: Director)

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