Anything You Ask For

The Game

Album G.A.M.E


The young Roy Jones of this rap shit
Somebody ’bout to get knocked the fuck out tonight, man

Verse 1 – Game

Niggas think they got the Game sewed, yeah right
I’m air tight, fresh in them Air Nikes
If the Navi outside, I might be there
Black hoodie, black nine, black Wifey Airs
Rock guns like Caddy trunks, keep a spare
You see the lump under the Iceberg fleece, and yeah
When the beef cooks, I’ma put the piece to your head
And if you see a white truck that means your sheeps is dead
Then I’m going, going, back, back to the block
To dump the bucket and jump in the drop
Niggas know I’m good with the Glock
They call me Chick Hearns cause if the Game on knock, I’m callin’ the shots
I wear a shiny suit for a minute like I’m the LOX
Then get gangsta with a swap meet bag and a Jordan box
And when I die bury me with the Glock
And a bucket of shells in case niggas want drama in hell

Hook – Bootleg

I’ll give you anything you ask for
Money over bitches!
Tell me what you blast for
We don’t fuck around with snitches!
What you have to smash for?
These niggas tried to play me, man
Anything you ask for
It’s all about the Bay, Game

Verse 2 – Bootleg

First things first, money over bitches, fuck hoes
Say my name in vein; watch Game break the bones in your noes
I’m a Flint Town rider, Inner City flipper
My whole squad in flip mode like they name was Rah Diggah
Sword Jinted on, Bootleg, bitch I’m a general
Saw draw your firearms when you in the presence of criminals
And motherfuck subliminals, metaphors or adjectives
I come to where you live and shoot sixty rounds inside your crib
Killer by instinct, murderer by nature
Killa Cali earthquake ya, show nothin’ but bone breakers
Bitch it’s nothin’, like puffin’ on this dust-for-ass pound
The caine in my tana have your mouth twisted just like Bobby Brown
Fuck what you might’ve read, fuck what your people said
Back in this bitch in ’06 it’s the Game and Leg
Highly aniticipated, the day this finally came
I’ll smack a patch of meat off a nigga head for Game


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