Black Jesus

The Game

Album Sunday Service

Produced by SAP
Hook: Dre from Cool & Dre

I got
Black cars, black broad, black yeezys
Blacks in a backpack, breathe easy
Black presidential rolls, black pieces
You know why, cause I’m the young black Jesus
Yeah young black jesus
You know why, cause I’m the young black Jesus
Yeah the young black Jesus
Yeah the young black Jesus

Verse 1: Game

Yes sir, the young black Jesus
Walking on water in them young black yeezys
Five albums five masterpieces
Can’t leave rap alone the game needs it
Can’t leave gats alone I gotta family
Nigga that sold grams nominated for a Grammy
I gotta thank myself, I’m Jesus
Me and my apostles play the corner like Revis
Now I’m on Noah’s ark floating through Saint Regis
You know how Jesus do
Pull up on you in that Maybach coupe, hop out, tape pursuit
Lamborghini merci beaucoup, mwah!
Couldn’t do it without Jesus
Got a passport fuck I need with a visa?
Got a black card fuck I need with a Visa?
I don’t fuck with ‘Bron but got on them south beaches

Hook: Dre
Verse 2: Game

Pull up, holy ghost, they have seizures
Hop out, gun smoke, the gat sneezes
Niggas see me in real life say “oh Jesus!”
Might just save your life and not squeeze it
Heathen ain’t supposed to be breathing
The hood crucify me came back as black Jesus
Audemar shitting on niggas, that’s feces
Brown Mase tangerine guts, that’s Reese’s
Tune on the album ain’t have to pay for the feature
That’s the way it go down when it’s YMCMB shit
Stunna my nigga came into the game and Master P shit
Bought a red Ferrari for the young black Jesus
Give me Stevie’s eyes black Jesus
So I can see why they killing in the Chi black Jesus
How did Chris Lighty really die black Jesus?
Don’t answer that
He’s probably in heaven where B.I.G. is

Hook: Dre

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