Don’t Body Ya Self (Remix)

The Game

Album Ghost Unit

Don’t body ya self
Don’t body ya self
Don’t body ya self nigga

Verse 1: Nas

Yeah, yeah
Everybody get low niggas
Dedicated to the ‘Fuck Nas’ coalition
Touch my dough I’m lettin .40 cals blow nigga
Not cows with four legs
But cals with more lead
That add up more dead
It’s on nigga
I’mma bury them
Niggas don’t want beef, they vegetarian
Scared of pussy, you climbed out a Cesarean
I’ll push ya grown ass back in your mother’s womb
You need nine more months
Your crews nine more punks
You rhyme on stuff and claim I ain’t sign y’all up
If I sign y’all, I’m on dust
Yeah, we from the same hood but nigga what?!
When y’all was trying to rap, y’all was making me proud
Man now you fucked up, down on your luck, runnin’ your mouth, man
Why don’t be a real man, say you need a lil help
And I might help your ass off the shelf
But noooo, you’re being disrespectful
Thinking son so cool that he won’t check you
Stand down, the king is home
Queens is on, NASDAQ, Dow Jones

Don’t body ya self
Take it slow man
Slow down
Take it slow motherfucker
Don’t body ya self
Let’s listen
Let’s just listen
Don’t body ya self
Slow down though man
Slow down
Y’all gotta take it slow

Verse 2: Nas

I am DeNiro after Am.Ex. commercials and “The Fockers”
With Martin Scorsese after “Gangs Of New York” could rock this
Back together with the master plan
The rebirth of Langston Hughes, I’m that man
I’m in the streets like old graffiti
I’m hearing wankstas talking greasy
Whether broke or rich my friend
Nasir bring that career to an end
And I’m bored with you MCs, B
Y’all beneath me
And my raps bring horror like a board of a Ouiji
Of course I’m the king, get my shine on and I blind y’all
‘Cause they call me “The Lord of the Rings”
Pinky heavy man, big stones in the wedding band
Smell of brimstone, back from Hell again
Next verse gets worse from God’s son to Devil’s sin

Y’all need to take it slow
Don’t body ya self
Motherfucker act like ya know (05′)
Motherfucker better take it slow
Don’t body ya self

Verse 3: Game

Me and Nas like Ether and anthrax makin’ killin’ statements
Shootouts with fags in front of the radio station
You ain’t Superman, the S stand for snitch on your cape
And since I’m signed to the Doc you tryin’ to test my patience
Commit lyrical homicide fly through the windshield
Your soul can’t escape because of the wind chill
I weather the storm, raindrops trickle off your Timberlands
Death becomes the faggot ass nigga that made “Many Men”
Mr. Potato Head, I’ll take that title
Drop it off at your son’s recital then read a quote from the Bible
I’m suicidal, this ain’t a rap war, this survival
The beat is a grenade, the flow a automatic rifle
So send your soldiers home, I wrap ’em like Iraqis
Send ashes home in a package without dirt on my khakis
This nigga gonna beef with a rapper then go run to the captain
Take it slow ‘fore that bullshit you asked for happen

Y’all need to take it slow
Don’t body ya self
Motherfucker act like ya know (05′)
Motherfucker better take it slow
Don’t body ya self

Verse 4: Nas

They say Jada defeated him
Joe too street for him
What’s next? I guess it’s for Nas to Ether him
Y’all awaiting an MC burial
This is ethereal, FM stereo to XM radio
What does it mean, ethereal? Hmm.. either heavenly or spiritual
Extreme, delicately light in a way that seems too perfect for this world
Man that is righteous, faithful and keeps law
Will surely live declares the sovereign Lord
And you are none of the above
See, you a sucka for death if I’m a sucka for love
And ya wanna know why I don’t gotta answer niggas
‘Cause I truly understand these niggas
Scared of me so they talk about family members
Like I can’t point out your grandma to niggas
Damn, you was my man like crew, dog
Don’t make me change your body frame to blue fog
The Q is the borough of true dons
Any disrespect, nigga, we choose arms
Will it be Gilmore or Crowes?
Nigga act like ya know

Ya betta take it slow
Motherfuckers act like ya know
Mess around and body ya self
Don’t body ya self

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