Ferrari Lifestyle

The Game

Album Purp & Patron

Hook: Trey Songz

Ferrari Lifestyle
Tell the haters I’m sorry
I’m passing them on the rise
What can they say now
Ferrari Lifestyle
Tell the haters I’m sorry
I’m passing them on the rise
What can they say now
I know, I know, I now, I know

Verse 1: Fabolous

Yo, I’m such a sight to see I turn a hater to a tourist
The way I order Rose, I turn a waiter to a flourist
Ferrari Lifestyle, that mean I’m living fast
On the road to riches you don’t slow down
You give it gas
25 is what they couldn’t see us living past
We was broke just once
Someone give us cash
Obama on the wrist, presidential Rollie
Beverly Hills coppin’, I ain’t Axel Foley
I’m just a young nigga moving like a Californian
Word to proposition 19 in California
I go from 0-60, a couple seconds
She go from sober to tipsy and gettin’ naked
Me and Game the ’010 Crockett and Tubbs
Trey said he gon’ meet us on the block of the club
You heard Jerome, but instead of a Benzo
Get rid of your Friends-oh to ride in this Enzo

Verse 2: Game

Yeah, Ferrari lifestyle, got my daughter iced out
Every time she turn her head, beams from a lighthouse
Now them haters wiped out, cause my spider piped out
Tell them Lamborghini and Astons “lights out”
Me and Fab never them niggas you might doubt
All we do is ball like we grew up in Mike’s house
Sippin’ on spades and gooses
Everything in my garage on treys and deuces
Meet Mr. ‘011 new edition, I call it Mike Bivins
GPS get lost tryna follow me to my crib, and
I’m about my business, I pull up at a light
They like “what is this”. Its my chick shit
I’m in that big shit over there at the washers
Soon as the water dry im going straight at that Porsche
Turn a Maybach into a corpse, me and my Maserati got a divorce

Verse 3: Game

I’ve been on Fab since we were both catching cabs
And he was getting off bags on nostra ave
My New York hood pass cause we was running through Brooklyn
He got on first, the next year they let the crook in
Then I put a crook in the neck of Hip Hop
Pullin’ corks outta cham, horses in the wristwatch
Didda Damn, young stunner, young gunner
Blowing tropical thunder out the Ferrari all summer


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