Fly Like an Eagle

The Game

Album Who Got Game?

Hook: Snoop Dogg

I’m fly like an eagle
Live my life so illegal
We go right at your people
See no evil, I
We do or die

Verse 1: Snoop Dogg

When will you niggas ever learn
That time is money, and money get your ass burned
Learn from the niggas that did it before I had a chance
You know the ones with the Chucks and the khaki pants
Used to tell me all the time “Bang, lil man”
Took your advice, now my life is a pair of dice
Havin’ it, ghetto fabulous
Established since 1992

Verse 2: Game

Straight out the mothafuckin’ county jail with my blues on
G-Unit shoes on, baby momma on the way
Jump in the Regal, throw Snoop on
Back to the ‘hood to get my mothafuckin’ gin and my juice on
It ain’t been too long cause Dub still got spinners on the ‘Lac
And half on the dub sack
If you smokin’ the Henny then pass it to the left
If you ain’t got nothin’ on it homie you smokin’ stress
Niggas see me and wanna bang they ‘hood
I don’t know why when half you niggas is scared of Suge
Nigga I put it down for my mothafuckin’ ‘hood
With my niggas WC and Snoop Eastwood
I’m surrounded by legends, Westcoast rap veterans
And we bangin’ Tha Pound and Westside Connection
’64 Chevy when I wheelie off the block
It’s still 187 on a mothafuckin’ cop

Verse 3: WC

Yeah, follow me, it’s time, let the hog’s eat
WC-izzle, Dogg Pound and Black Wall Street
Three niggas ready to ride, get bandanas in pocket
And we keep the party jumpin’ like ‘draulics
Gangsta shit, I was raised off that, off ‘Gnac
And go back like suade golf hats
I don’t spit fire, I spit terror
From the Loco Jams army of this sport, so we the gangbang era
Ain’t no other identical, I’m one of the most original
With this gun and pencil when I bang South Central
I represent Swang, I don’t rep no coast
Cause niggas ain’t willin’ to die like I’ll die for most
I’m ten years plus in the game and ain’t fallen off my hustle
And I keep a fresh pair of busta knuckles
WC bitch, I been rich and still ride in the Regal
And I’m fly as a mothafuckin’ eagle
That shit right there, Black Wall Street, Swang
Dogg Pound!
World-wide baby


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