Get ’Em

The Game

Album Brake Lights

Hook: Waka Flocka

Word to my haters, I don’t forget shit, better stay on point homie don’t fucking slip
Get em (x16)
I hear you niggas talking, boy stop talking shit, undercover man you know you on a nigga dick
Get em (x16)

Verse 1: Game

What I’m gon’ do when I see that boy, grab a bottle and BUST ‘EM!
Turn the fucking music down, then yell “FUCK ‘EM!”
Nigga actin’ like he don’t wanna fall, RUSH ‘EM!
Club playing “Lollipop” but we don’t fuck wit SUCKAS!
Take the Patron and mix it with Juice
I’m all in my zone I’m feeling real loose
The bigger the Belvy the bigger the Goose
I snatch up a broad and hop in the coupe
In Compton where I’m found at
That’s where I stunt and clown at
That’s where I where I wear my crown at
Tie my red rag around that
I’m riding in Ferraris
I’m draped up in Bulgari
Used to run around the A with Puff how that nigga used to stunt just scarred me
Now you can just black card me
Down Crenshaw Boulevard me
Think a nigga went soft cause I stopped moving raw
Somebody better get a fucking

Verse 2: Game

That’s my Patron that’s my bitch
See I be on some fly shit
Now I can fit my projects inside my fucking closet
Daffy Duck and uncle Screw
That’s what we stuffing in them boots
Put them bitches on the track, sell them hoes to Interscope
Sell them hoes to Def Jam, I’m known for moving work
Ask around, I’ve been selling birds since Gucci said “BURR”
I’m a cold mutha Flocka
Red Diamonds in my watch huh
That nigga got a hot one
Take a trip to the A and cop one
That Lambo came with shotguns
You prob’ly never shot one
That Bent come with Alicia
You prob’ly never chopped none
Them bullets I done caught some
Them bottles I done popped some
So order that Cîroc son
Can’t wait ’til twelve’o’clock come

Verse 3: Game

If you ain’t tryna leave the club leaking on crutches
Than when you see a real nigga don’t say nothing
Bust em (x9)
This for all the niggas in the trap playing round the oven
If you can’t get em off let a real nigga touch em
Bust em (x25)


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