Get Familiar

The Game

Album Purp & Patron: The Hangover

Hook: Timbaland

We keep it hot like Miami, raise the motherfucker roof in here
We burn it up like Cali, and we shinning like some chandeliers
Hey, and get familiar, my house, get familiar, my car, get familiar, my watch
Get familiar, my bro, get familiar, my house, get familiar, my car
Get familiar, my name, get familiar now

Verse 1: Game

See Timb, match the black on black, white phantom, white dogs, that’s crack on crack
I got a plan make you rain ten stacks, for the whole patron bottle, where the sheep through back
I got the niggers jumping (I got the bitches moving)
I got the black Thompson (I seen the baby do it)
I keep a 45 up in my rollies in the sky
Cause I be on a load, except for when I fly
I’m always drinking son, riding around toys
And I stay blazing like Brandon Roy
I make it rain boy like I’m Lil Wayne boy
And Timbaland my flamethrower so…

Verse 2: Game

Who want it with Game? (Who want it with me?)
Who want it with them? (Who wanted this beat?)
I got a Bently, I gotta fixate
I got a Rolls phantom they walk like a great thing
Some niggas take shorts, so I gotta bust back
You know how this shit goes, so nigga walk back
I gotta wolfpack
And they off criss, so nigga don’t start and it won’t be said
They done gettin’ poppin’, I gotta stay it love, I got a poppin’ taste, I got it poppin’ hoes
I got the sickest chain on me and you can see it glow
I’m hitting mothers and daughters between those


[Verse 3: (Timbaland) + Game]
(Man homie) you stepped on my Air Force ones
(No takers likely), is that your chick?
(Hey baby), we gonna take a shot of this patron
(I heard your mic is like me) The unit she fighting
She popping one every one (?)
I don’t want her in the fam, she can follow me home
I don’t hear no talking baby, I’m off on this patron
I’mma bring her back down from whatever planet she’s on
Timbaland gave me mad props
Get more head then laptops
You niggas said you bought it, but I don’t see a mascot
My Lambo’s got stash spots
So don’t make the dash prop
You all wanting but fuck what you saying…


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