Ha Ha

The Game

Album The Red Room

Verse 1: Game & Nipsey Hussell

Flow infinity, my mind insanity


on the track, where the fuck is vanity?
Riding on the train with my nigga Nipsey
We got it locked from the


to the fucking 60s
I’m bout to gas off, pass off this Mary Jane
2010, it’s our year motherfucker
We snatching every chain, bring the cars out
Yup bring em all out
Buy the fucking mall out ’cause we bout to ball out
Niggas ain’t wit us getting hauled out
I’m from a block where they cook rock
Yeah, bring the guitars out
Fresh out the dog house, red Chucks, red land
Weaving through this rush hour traffic to this Redman
My goons behind me in a red van
Run up, you a dead man, 12 car caravan
All black seven series, nigga I’m getting it
Just bought an SL and yea I’m bout to live in it
Champage glasses, model bitches clashing
What niggas fucking with us? We just asking
100% satisfaction
Hitting harder than the PAC-10
And we hold Mac 10s
Mac 11s, don’t even drive down Slauson
I swerve through Compton, get popped for flossin’
That’s boss shit, gave red and blue the call quick
Nigga talk shit, Bbt his ass call clips
Red alert, that’s danger nigga
Me and Nip in the club with the bangers nigga
Out of my mind, out of control, cuz, it’s 6-0
This niggas gon rich roll and bounce like 6-4s
Big cribs, fast cars, motherfucker we in it
Taking trips OT to OZ’s up in the winter
Suicide doors on the Chevrolet
We in the hood like what? Like everyday
Grew up grimy like what? Go get a K
Come through let off shots I’m a renegade
Like Em and Jay Or like MJ
Flying cuz in the Jays
North Carolina number 10s and I’m getting paid
Smoking in the shade
I’m off that California kush, nigga feel the fade
Yup, cuz every motherfucker still afraid
Nigga got a vest on, get his ceiling sprayed
Headshot, hit his ass with a red dot
Can’t move, bullets like a UFC leg lock
We getting my while the feds watch
Run and snitch
That’s the same shit got that nigga Fred shot
Diamond chain like bedrock
You know me, I’m like New Era
I get head a lot, I wear red a lot
I be in that Magic jersey with the beretta cocked
Nigga I will never stop

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