The Game

Album Jesus Piece

Intro: Game

RIP to my nigga George Jefferson
Niggas is moving on up
And I know Weezy personally

Hook: Game and Jamie

Halle motherfucking lujah
All my real niggas I salute ya
All the bad bitches, I’mma run through ya
Hop in my holy ghost, hallelujah
Damn, damn, damn, damn
Hop in my holy ghost, hallelujah
Damn, damn, damn, damn
Heaven’s prays, all I’m tryna do, praise him, praise him
Heaven’s prays, all I’m wanna do, praise him, my lord

Verse 1: Game

Nigga I ain’t pastor Mason yo
Nigga Pat and Ron, peach Ciroc, Ace and y’all
And since I got good taste and all
This for all the bad bitches couldn’t wait to get they braces off
I know we in church, and the way that I’m thinking wrong
But inside the bible is the perfect way to sneak my phone
But I don’t wanna do that, I came to take the service in
And stare at all the women who brought they Louis purses in
Bad bitches in here, forgive me for my sins
I ain’t meant to walk inside the church cursing again
I wanna live righteous and you know I love Jesus
But you can’t catch the holy ghost in the Prius

Verse 2: Game

Lookin’ ’round the church like what that nigga doing here
He prolly told on somebody, posed to be doing years
But who am I to judge a nigga
A.R. don’t wanna go to church, I can’t budge the nigga
But I love the nigga, so I’mma go for both us
And put these G Star slacks with these Louie loafers
He rather sit outside and listen to Hova
But the service jumping, the pastor serving my mimosas
And all this ass in here, how do I focus
Collection plate buldging, damn pastor you the coldest
My envelope stay swollen
So I’mma count my blessings now, somebody hold this


Staring in the row behind me, man these fat hoes is too cheap
Ain’t paying they tithes, taking up 2 seats
And look at God’s house, pack full of sinners
With the sun ride service, now they back for the dinners
Yeah I know the chicken good but your soul ain’t
And your outfit clean but your nose ain’t
And I suppose ain’t nobody a liar in here
If that was true, the whole chruch would be on fire in here
I’m sure glad we have a choir in here
To wake me up everytime I get tired in here
And one thing’s for sure, gotta praise the Lord
Cause when I went to Undefeated, they still had my fours
Fell to the floor like


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