The Game

Album You Know What It Is, Vol. 2: Throwin’ Rocks At the Throne

I’m from the murder capitol where they murder in khaki suits
I’m from the murder capitol where they murder in khaki suits

Verse 1

’64 Impala, 100 spoke Daytons
Drive in ’95 tryna run away from Satan
Used to dribble rock as a kid like Jason
When my mother was at church every Sunday like Mason
Prayin’ for her baby boy, sittin’ in a Lazy Boy
Like “I’ma beat the shit out this crazy boy”
That was ’97, I was in high school
Nobody told me my grandmother would die soon
I mean, Jesus Christ knew
Why he ain’t pull me on my pants, let me tell me big momma was fightin’ cancer
Four months passed, Jesus never answered
So I looked at gangbangin’ like “uh, I’ma chance it”
Red rag in my pocket, Cedar Block on my neck
For the last seven years I’ve been a prophet of death
And even though I got shot in the chest
I persevered, now Jimmy Iovine’ name on the bottom of my checks
So it’s G-Unit West

Verse 2

I’ll never forget when my brother died, forget when my cousin died
Forget 9/11 when all of them mothers died
So fuck Sadam, Bin Laden and them other guys
Told my baby sister “pray when your brother fly”
And any other nigga tryna make my mother cry
You will get a grave for that shit Joe Budden tried
You seen High Top in Colors, right?
We nothing alike, ’cause me, I take motherfuckas lives
Got a thousand niggas that wanna ride
And they all follow me like I’m the son of God
So I raise the dead in my songs, spray lead if I’m wrong
But I shall break bread with God till I’m dead and gone

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