The Game

Album The Red Room

Verse 1

Yo give me some fries and an extra large (shake)
Bitch hurry up, I’m late for this meeting, I got to (shake)
I’m in the McDonalds drivethrough about to roll up this (shake)
Got to pee so bad, nigga doing the Harlem (Shake)
I was rolling my blunt and seen my side mirror (shake)
Thought it was my speakers then seen this nigga’s body (shake)
Man I’m on probation motherfucker, I’m ’bout to (shake)
(Sir, your food!) Fuck them fries and that (shake!)
Niggas thought that Earthquakes was the only thing that (shake)
You can get your ass popped over the way that dice (shake)
I brought Dre to the hood; the driver was ready to (shake)
Guess he ain’t seen a real Blood hand-(shake)
Or a crack fiend walking down the block with that (shake)
Everybody got a family member with that (shake)
That ‘ll come through and steal your TV and then (shake)
Man fuck that TV cause channel 9 used to (shake)
Couldn’t watch Magic Johnson give Isiah that (shake)
Now I got a plasma on my wall; that bitch don’t (shake)
But that bitch in my bed got them double D’s that (shake)
And an ass like Trina: when I smack it it (shake)
And thats why I like it doggy style, cause you can see that shit (shake)
Neighbors hitting on the ceiling cause I make that bed (shake)
Landlord said I make too much noise; I gotta (shake)
Oh shit, my baby mommy called, and bitch, you gotta (shake)
We was about to get it on to that Kelis milk-(shake)
I gotta hit it one more time before a nigga (shake)
I’mma fuck this bitch until her knees start to (shake)
Face in the pillow ass up let me see you (shake)


What ya momma gave you like that bitch (Shake)
What ya momma gave you throw it back now (Shake)
What ya momma gave you let the world see it (Shake)

Verse 2

Me and 50 ain’t agree on shit so I had to (shake)
Ain’t no telling what he putting in that protein (shake)
Seen the “Candy Shop” video look at this nigga (shake)
And thats the same shit that made the nigga Young Buck (shake)
I’m surprised that Lloyd Banks and Yayo didn’t (shake)
Wasn’t selling no records; Jimmy Iovine said (“Shake!”)
Only Black Eyed Peas making the white folks (shake)
I drop off my album and make the whole world (shake)
Hit the Valet, grab my Ferrari and then (shake)
It’s an automatic start; my keys don’t (shake)
Unless they headed out of town when the Greyhound (shake)
Going down to Miami where the palm trees (shake)
She see the cops, she know the drop, that Louie bag (shake)
Why you calling my phone? You know the routine: (shake)
Bitch lost my bricks; my pimp hand ’bout to (shake)
Make my money back, bitch, even if you gotta (shake)


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