Standing On A Corner

The Game

Album Hoodmorning (No Typo): Candy Coronas

Game – Verse 1

Big blunts in the air, I dont even care
Spilling Ace of Spades on my all white airs
Stuntin in my J’s
I got every pair, they put out since ’85
Cus a nigga bout his gear
Hoes all up in my ear, cause im stylin’
Try to go bottle for bottle with us
Can’t do it, money we runnin through us
So competition throw the towel in
We over here, with fireworks up in the air
Bitches with good hair, cause you know we about to spark
Bobby Ray just walked in, Wiz about to park
The party bout to start, jewellery glowing in the dark
We got all these bitches wet, Skylar Diggins from the arc
And you know your boy is sharp, cause she in my bed
I tell her take her clothes off, and open her legs
And keep them Louboutins on when she giving head
Cus you already know my favorite colour RED!
Im gettin bread while im

Hook: Game

Standing on the corner
Washing my lolo
I got my dime in the crib, ironin’ my Polo
Soon as your boy hit the streets, you know that I’m clean
So fresh and so clean, Outkast know what I mean
I throw that Andre 3000, one in the changer
And I dont ride through the hood, with out one in the chamber
You know I used to broke but, now nigga I’m getting it

Verse 2 – B.o.B

As I roll up up, I sit back and laugh in amazement
As how this all started in the bottom of a basement
Back when I got started, nigga say “your shit is basic”
Now when you mention me, you must say Grammy nominated
All these haters drunk of hate, they basically wasted
Call a cab for these niggas, cause they ain’t gon make it
Can somebody please tell me just where Bobby Ray is
Well he’s prolly faded, prolly in a spaceship
Prolly outside of his mind, cus you know he crazy
But I kind of dig his style, its pretty contagious
Man them groupies prolly doing him all kind of favors
I mean, it’s gotta be absolutely outrageous
Well, I couldn’t tell you what it is
More people tell me that they down, the bigger that I get
But I just keep doing my thang, cruise control in my own lane
And let these suckas complain

Hook: B.o.B

I’m standing on the corner, watching the world go
I got my dime in the crib, rollin’ up that dojo
Soon as your boy hit the stage you know the screaming
Its that pandemonium, if you know what I mean
I throw that Eastside up, welcome to Decatur
And on the Westside, I hit the homie Game up

Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa

I used to be unknown
Now the niggas listening
Big money talk, big joint to spark
These Jordans on my feet, that’s how big money walk
Shorty give me head, like she don’t need body parts
Running my city like the King of New York
Popping champagne, hit him with the cork
Eating so good, nigga need a fork
And I ball hard, nigga need a court
The way lil mama give me brain
I swear she must have been a dork
Duh! You know me I keep one rolled up
Smoking with my bitch from overseas, where my Porsche from
And these hating niggas get no love
I be rolling weed, getting rich, fucking they bitch
Letting you spend all of your M, you send her on trips
I meet her there, you know, cuase you smell the weed in her hair
You worried bout me cause we keeping it player, instead you failed
Treated her fair, don’t need to look, she in the air

Hook: Wiz Khalifa

Standing on the corner, talking that shit
You ain’t really saying nothing, just hating on pimpin’
Every time i’m in my car i’m smoking that green
Even though this real life, its like a movie scene
I ain’t in the club, if I don’t blaze up
It don’t matter where I go, I’m throwing my gang up
Nobody used to know me but but
Now a nigga famous, now a nigga famous

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