This Way

The Game

Album Purp & Patron: The Hangover

Hook: JoiStarr

I been looking this way, ever since I remember
And it ain’t gone change
So I don’t care what them people say ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
I will forever be this way ay ay ay ay ay ay
I will forever be this way

Verse 1: Game

Hey yo, hey yo
Keep the game in HD on ESPN while I fuck these lesbians rubbing on they breast and then
And then light up a swisher let it fill my lungs
Reflecting on the days when I was banging in the slums
From that to number 1, at the grammy’s with my gun
Thought I was winning album of the year but then Missy won
Maybe next year, they say I’m underrated I’m underappreciated and it’s Mr. West here

Verse 2

Always stay the same
Even though I can’t write it to change the game
You can never change the game, I’m just trying to make a change
Stay positive but the negative shit make it easier to make some change
So? I used to take a chain
So? I used to rob a store
So? I used to load a clip and tell my niggas time to go
Empty the clip and tell ’em hallow tip vamonos
I know it’s uncommon to see a gangsta’ with a common flow

Verse 3

Now as the time flies a rapper’s albums is getting weak as fuck
I feel like I don’t need this bitch feel like I don’t need this truck
Keep your rabbits foot nigga I don’t need the luck
All I need is my niggas a half of Oz of weed to puff
Kickin’ it with this rat I’m about to beat it up
Thinkin’ about droppin’ this tape how ya’ll gone eat it up
Take my time on you niggas ain’t no need to rush
You think you seen it all, nigga you ain’t seen enough

Verse 4

Now as we prepare for dinner
Chop the table in half this side is for the sinners
But I’m forever in limbo parked in this Lambo
Bangin’ this instrumental that I got from Timbo
Wishin’ I would’ve just burned my demo
Wishin’ I would’ve never hopped inside the Doc’s limo
But I did look at what I did
I’d give everything back except my kids (yeee)


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