Turn Down For What

The Game

Album OKE: Operation Kill Everything

Hook: Clyde Carson

Nigga turn down for what?
Turn down for what?(X3)

Verse 1: Problem

Bitch nigga what you want?
So what my number in ya girl phone?
So what ya girl gave my girl dome?
It was crazy, you want me stop fuckin’ her?
Pussy nigga make me, TU king crown me official
I came in her mouth, game came with a pistol
You know i got the pills, ya boy got the drank
Hoes got no limits all we need is a tank
This shit do be smackin’ hell ya I’m high as my fashion
You knee deep you hit me trust me I’m taxin’
IRS i have left no right I’m gone
And like the porch lights in the hood i stay on

Hook: Clyde Carson
Verse 2: Game

White bitch, black bitch
A little asian, a mexican, a frat bitch
Show her top, ski, skinny, or a fat bitch
I hit her up like lets go get a tat bitch
Bitch, I’m from bompton, 2 speeds
Hood nigga smack the kush outta loose leaves
Let her bounce on the dick till that bitch leave
She ain’t even gotta call take my ten speed
We don’t love ’em(X2) we don’t fuck ’em
Extra rubbers, we don’t dub ’em
Dirty sprite, red cup ’em
Long night gotta fuck ’em

Hook: Clyde Carson & Game
Verse: 3 Game

Came through on them lame dudes
V12 in the truck show ’em what that range do
On the one ten fuck the fo five
Traffic like a mafucka nose dive
From san Bernardino y city
Carmines pasadena nigga my city
Ri, ridin’ through bompton, in the five fifty
Sunroof open whole hood gettin’ high with me
I’m in the swap meet faded, worth twenty five mil(X2)
I know you bitch nigga’s hate it, got a angel on the grill
Bitch ridin’ shotgun pop a pill like

Hook Clyde Carson

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