Where I’m From (OG)

The Game

Album Who Got Game?

Verse 1: Dr. Dre

Streets is talkin, sayin Dre done changed
And he ain’t been to the hood, well how the fuck I find Game?
I studied this rap shit, still a “Hundred Miles and Runnin'”
Still makin Aftermath classics
You might catch me out in traffic
Oh-five Aston, bitches askin “Where I’m From”
Y’all forgot who helped 50 Cent pop
I ain’t spent my own money since Eminem dropped
In eighty-fo’ I had the streets locked
I am to gangsta rap what Biz Markie is to beatbox
Niggas think cause I stopped on that “Detox”
I traded in my All Stars for some Freeboks
Speakers still bumpin, the beats still comin
Compton’s version of Phil Drummond
Same Dre, “Different Strokes,” same six-fo’, different spokes
Same “Chronic” just different smoke

[Chorus: Nate Dogg (scratches)]
If you don’t know (“Aftermath, nigga with a attitude”)
(“Game time niggas, Westside!”) Where I’m from
(“Nigga with a attitude, Straight Outta Compton we rock khakis and Chucks”)
If you don’t know (“Almost lost my life when Dre dropped The Chronic”)
(“Legend in the making”) Where I’m from
(“Aftermath you bastards, watch your colors in this City of Angels”)

Verse 2: The Game

Y’all niggas got it fucked up, what you thought
Cause I’m from Compton I couldn’t do numbers like Usher?
Platinum certified, nigga that’s a mill’ plus
Play both sides of the fence cause the Crips feel cuz
See me ridin with Nate, nigga it’s still Bloods
You can C-Walk to this homey it’s still love
Nigga I’ve been bangin since Mary J. did “Real Love”
(If you don’t know)
I painted the Rover black
The West coast is back, I can smoke to that
Moms got the CL-6, that’s a fact
I bought the house, I’m just waitin on the platinum plaques
Niggas lookin for a cat to jack
Homey I’m willin to do two life sentences back to back
So please don’t push me
You niggas is WNBA – all pussy


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