40 Days n 40 Nights

Tory Lanez



Man: What are you doing?
Woman: Working
Tory: Lil’ Fargo
Man: Why so late?
Woman: I’ll be lucky if I’m finished by sun-up

Lord bless the umbrella boys
You know, sometimes I wanna argue with these niggas
Then I call my bank teller and she say the balance
It’s over

Verse 1

I’m talkin’ 40 days, 40 nights
All a nigga got is God up on these hopeless nights
14 and homeless, tryna find an open bite
Scopin’ out the open public, rollin’ with this open stomach
Fiends on the work phone, ex on my other jack
Said come home, but she don’t know I need this hundred stack
I ain’t even comin’ back, I’ma be here all night
Son up in her stomach, I’m like it’s gon’ be a long night
I remember dark nights, always the hard white
Schemin’ like, “Might get that ‘rari with the fog lights”
I’ma be a don, black statues on the lawn
Used to stress when I was sleepin’ on a mattress at my mom’s
Momma died and now I’m sleepin’ on a mattress all alone
And the O’s with three niggas, I ain’t barely even know ’em
When I had my coldest winters, it was barely even snowin’
OG’s tell me chill, they don’t barely even know ’em first
DD got locked and Shoakes got locked
Mo and Brooks try to flee but they both got knocked
Shit was real on the field, I was sayin’ through the grape vine
Pour a fifth of Henny for my niggas doin’ state time
Niggas tryna keep the shine from me, I’ma take mine
Been the underdog, so I’m doin’ over state grind
I pray to Lord I never drop dead
If I show up in that drophead, foreign with the doors pointed at the top ledge, I’m a boss
Lil’ nigga, big body, hoppin’ out the Porsche
Now in Neiman Marcus, we ain’t gotta shop at Ross
Fast for the bottles, how we came and copped the charge
Woah, look, hype change, dice games
She just snap a photo for that light fame
And I was sellin’ quarters for that ice chain
‘Til I found God and my life changed


Sittin’ on the block right now, I was tryna get change
A nigga need God right now, way more than ever
Smokin’ on strong I been goin’ hard all day long
Sippin’ on Henny, I don’t even know where the day gone


I’m feelin’ like I’m the realest nigga out in the 6
I’m feelin’ like I’m the realest nigga out in the 6
T4 scams for my bitches out there in the finish
More money more problems, we don’t believe in that shit
40 days 40 nights, I’ve been goin’ hard
40 days 40 nights I go
40 days 40 nights, I’ve been goin’ hard
40 days 40 nights I go

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