4am Flex (Skit)

Tory Lanez


Nyce: A-yo stop the car bro
Tory: Nigga what? Yo your bugging
Nyce: Pull over bro
Tory: Yo my nigga for what? The hospital is right up the block
Nyce: My nigga fuck that I’m good bro
Tory: Yo, so what you want me to do bro? Drop you at this fucking corner?
Nyce: Bro just, pull up right here bro
Tory: You bugging my nigga
Nyce: I’m good, I got a spot right around the corner, just get home bro
Tory: Alright nigga 1

Tory: Where the fuck is my phone? She better pick up, please be awake.. A-yo Hello?
Tory’s Girlfriend: What?
Tory: On everything I’m on my way right now, I’m speeding over there just please stay awake
Tory’s Girlfriend: Alright..
Tory: Shit alright, I love you
Tory’s Girlfriend: I love you too

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