Apartment 310

Tory Lanez



14 kicked out on my own
Ain’t shit for a nigga in the world
‘Cause when you in a single parent home
Money the motive and nigga you ain’t thinkin’ ’bout a girl
When the day turn dark and the night come
The pain cut deep and it might run
Try to hide it all and ya light somethin’
Hopin’ that the feelin’ there might numb
But it don’t and it won’t
Ever ever ever go the fuck away
When you livin’ on the street for another day
Dead broke thinkin’, “Man, it’s gotta be another way”
Tryna get a job but it don’t go
Tryna build money when it don’t grow
Kinda feel funny when you don’t got funds
And you tryna cop a crib, it’s a no go
Find life gettin’ all loco
And you’re livin’ all low pro
And you still need a roof-in
So you move in with three niggas that you don’t know
A little spot downtown
In the city, life with a twist
You spendin’ every night gettin’ pissed
And you find the true meanin’ of life is a bitch
Black male, black male
Young Canadian black male
Livin’ in the motherfuckin’ slum
I figured I would make crack sell
Too bad that didn’t work
But bein’ in the back didn’t work
And music, it wasn’t in the plans
I was like, “Yeah right, like that’s getting heard”
I locked up, niggas started robbin’
I fucked up, niggas I was robbin’
Got fucked up for the niggas I was robbin’
Just some little fucked up niggas that was mobbin’
I tried to invest in a gun
Bad outcomes destined to come
Mom died, Dad cried
Dad tried to do the best for his son
Well send the things we’re gone, pop
‘Cause everything went wrong, pop
And even though I took the long way
I guess I really had to learn the hard way huh, pop
It beats me
But the hatin’ ain’t gon’ grease me
So I roll the pain in these streets
‘Cause it’s way too hard to sleep sweet
This ain’t an act nor a story
This a chapter of Tory
And what’s after the story
Hand claps and the glory
That’s when it got bad for me
So hows that for a story?
Not bad, but guess what
This ain’t even half of my story

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